Optimisation and management of an integrated simulation platform for large-scale simulations of oxy-fuel combustion

The central task pursued in the service project S is the realisation, maintenance, and distribution of OxySim-129, the CRC/TRR 129 Euler-Lagrange computational fluid dynamics (CFD) framework for the simulation of oxy-fuel combustion systems. The work in the service project S is carried out in close cooperation especially with project C2 where the scientific aspects of the solid fuel oxy-fuel combustion modelling are considered, and the corresponding functions (i.e. code routines) are organised in a library, which is then optimised, fully parallelised and embedded in the simulation platform in the service project.

Open-source tools are extensively employed to generate a framework which will guarantee accessibility to the complete set of functionalities and also the possibility for users to extend the codes by means of their own modules.The CFD basis for the solver is OpenFOAMĀ®. The consistency of the entire simulation process, from pre- to post-processing and solution, the optimisation of the solver for technical applications (for example the implementation of a graphics processing unit (GPU) parallelisation
of tabular functions and hardware-oriented discretisation techniques) and the establishment of well-structured maintenance and quality-assurance procedures are the focal points of the activities carried out in the service project.

The viability of the approach in a first realistic large-scale system will be finally demonstrated by the simulation of the pilot-scale combustion chamber examined experimentally in project C7(N), where an objective evaluation of the simulation approach with respect to efficiency, stability and robustness will be carried out.