Integrated research training group

The main goals of the integrated research training group within Oxyflame are to support and develop the necessary competences of young researchers in order to satisfy the needs of the involved research.

The integrated graduate school provides support to doctoral candidates from the collaborative research centre Oxyflame into their ongoing research and dissertation. It acts by bringing together doctoral candidates and senior scientists through lectures, scientific group meetings and workshops in the different fields regarding Oxy-Fuel combustion. In addition, the graduate school promotes the exchange of doctoral candidates with local and international universities, and is host to lectures by invited international top-tier scientists. International networks are supported by invited post-doctoral researchers to take part into the research activities of the collaborative research centre.

Furthermore, doctoral candidates are responsible for the organization of the diverse collective activities within Oxyflame (e.g., scientific meetings and workshops) in order to foster their interpersonal skills and self-dependence.