Modelling of radiative properties of pulverised biomass particles during oxy-fuel combustion

In project C4 a physically reasonable modelling of radiation properties of particles occurring during the Oxy-Fuel coal combustion will be developed. In addition to biomass and coal particles, ash and soot particles will be regarded. The objective of this modelling is the use in CFD overall simulations of Oxy-Fuel solid fuel combustion; this leads to the demands for the model’s acceptable complexity. The scattering behaviour as well as the absorption and emission levels are important for radiant heat transfer during combustion and the particles’ heat management. Knowledge of these properties is indispensable for relyable combustion simulations. Based on the detailed physical consideration as Mie scattering for the scattering behaviour and measurements of emission and absorption levels of particles performed in other projects in the collaborative research centre Oxyflame, models for the expected total radiation model should be developed and validated.