Investigation of ignition and combustion processes of solid fuel particles under oxy-fuel conditions

This project addresses the influence of the turbulent flow field on the ignition and combustion processes of different fuel particles as a function of particle loading. For this purpose simple flow configurations will be used which can be operated in a reproducible manner with defined boundary conditions while varying the relevant chemical, thermodynamic and flow-mechanical parameters. A variety of non-intrusive optical methods with high spatial and temporal resolution and probing techniques will be combined simultaneously to investigate the mutual interactions of the relevant parameters. The complexity of the measurement sequence will be gradually increased from laminar to turbulent flows and single particles to particle clouds. The sequence includes single particle combustion in laminar flows, group combustion in laminar flows, single particle combustion in turbulent flows and finally group combustion in turbulent flows. The aim is to understand the coupling of the individual phenomena like fuel particle characteristics, surrounding atmosphere and flow field and to derive appropriate models.