Development of a comprehensive kinetic model for the conversion of solid fuels in oxy-fuel atmospheres

The Oxyflame project A8 focuses on the development of a comprehensive kinetic conversion model for solid fuels in oxyfuel atmospheres, which covers the three main conversion steps: pyrolysis, secondary reactions and heterogeneous gas-solid reactions. Such an overall model does not  currently exist, and thus represents the scientific novelty value of this subproject. Supported by the results of the investigations in the projects A1-A3, A5-A7 and partly from the project B1, this subproject provides an end-to-end analysis of the different steps and will be used by the project areas B and C. Therefore, project A8 supplements and reinforces the knowledge transfer across all project areas of the CRC / TRR 129.

The goals of the model development is the comprehensive representation of solids conversion as a single model, prediction accuracy for a wide range of oxyfuel operating conditions, and maximum computational efficiency of the overall model. In addition to the development of the solid-state model, a coupling to the gas-phase models developed in the project (project B1) should take place, so that a thorough description of the pollutants formation is achieved. This includes both the release of pollutants (and their precursors) from the solid and the subsequent processes in the gas phase. In addition to the direct integration of the measurement data and model developments from the area A, this approach allows the transfer of the model into the areas B and C up to direct coupling into 3D CFD simulations of oxyfuel combustion chambers (interface with subproject C2).