Oxyflame is subdivided into three project areas:

Physical-chemical basics: Modelling and model development for reaction kinetics of solid fuel particle combustion and experimental investigation in basic data for fraction and global kinetic models.

Non homogeneous flow- and combustion processes: Characterisation of partial phenomena of particle interaction, particle-turbulence-chemistry interaction, particle combustion via LES and DNS processes and detailed optical flow and concentration measurements in oxy-fuel flames.

Coupled processes full system: Experimental investigation and model development for global processes of combustion and heat transfer in the flame and boiler based on single and partial models from projects of all project areas. 

These project areas build on one another from A over B to C. Furthermore there is a co-working and interaction of the research projects within these areas over all project areas to achieve the main goals of Oxyflame.

Visit the individual project pages for more information and short intro videos to the individual projects. All videos are also collected in our YouTube playlist.